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High quality material is of the utmost importance when you are in business. The act of cutting corners has a tendency to catch up with individuals, generally in terms of an unsatisfactory product. Amongst other ways that we work to ensure consistency in our quality of product, one of the ways is that we use American Apparel clothing for a significant amount of our print work.

American Apparel is a clothing company that got its start in 1989 and since then has been producing top notch apparel in the male, female, and child category. Although headquartered in Los Angeles, this company does business all over the country! They are involved in selling clothing at the wholesale level in addition to being at the retail level.

American Apparel Quality

One key to the success of American Apparel is the adaptation of the vertical integration model. Vertical integration means that the company handles work itself that would normally be outsourced. This allows for the company to save not only money and time, but it can be significantly more self sufficient as well. Because American Apparel is able to save money and time in their production through vertical integration, more resources can be reinvested into their product, which results in higher quality merchandise for the consumer.

American Apparel prides itself in providing excellent compensation, working conditions, and benefits to its factory workers. The employees are also provided with access to affordable healthcare. This practice truly exemplifies how not cutting corners and instead properly investing in the resources you have at hand (i.e. taking care of employees) can yield wonderful and desirable results.

Sustainable Quality T-Shirts & Apparel

By purchasing American Apparel products you are also indirectly reducing your carbon footprint! This environmentally conscious organization keeps sustainability a top priority. Instead of chartering vehicles specifically for their deliveries, they maximize the excess space on buses and passenger planes in order to reduce the amount of pollution in the air. The practice of recycling excess fabrics and materials is also in place which consequently leads to a more or less landfill free operation.

If you are looking for a company that is collectively both a producer of exquisite goods in addition upholds an exceedingly humanitarian course of conducting business, American Apparel is certainly tremendous company to go with!


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American Apparel Screen Printing

American Apparel has some of the best t-shirts for screen printing around. We carry everything American Appael has to offer, at wholesale prices! Just name the style and we will get you the best price possible in Los Angeles California on your screen printed t-shirts and apparel. If it's not American Apparel your looking for shoot us a message and we can find a t-shirt to fit your style.

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